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Seasonal Water Meters

Seasonal Meter Tips!

A seasonal meter can be a great benefit to customers! This is an additional meter that is used to water your outdoor plants, supply an irrigation system, fill a pool, etc. Customers are  only charged the water that is used and a minimum monthly fee ($2.50 for in-town residents and $3.50 for out-of-town residents plus tax). Because this water does not go into the sewer system, no sewer will be charged! If you are interested in getting a seasonal meter installed do not hesitate to contact us and we can help you start the process.

Already have a seasonal meter? It is important to remember to give us a call when your backflow is installed and you are ready to turn your meter on in the Spring time and call us when you are ready to turn it off in the Fall. When you contact us to shut it off in the Fall, you are not charged the minimum monthly fee until it is turned back on.

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