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Water Service Application

New water service-(for new or returning Springdale Water customers)

Transferring water service-(for current Springdale Water customers that are transferring water service to a new location serviced by Springdale Water)

Please read these Deposit Agreement terms and conditions.

A deposit is being tendered by the applicant, who agrees: (i) to furnish at his/her expense a suitable
meter box and to use diligence to protect the same from frost and accident; (ii) to comply with all rules
and regulations adopted by the Springdale Water and Sewer Commission d/b/a Springdale Water
Utilities and the ordinances of the City of Springdale; (iii) that Springdale Water Utilities may terminate
service for failure to pay amounts due to Springdale Water Utilities, whether it is for water, sewer, or
any amount Springdale Water Utilities may be collecting for other services pursuant to contract,
including solid waste or garbage pickup; and, (iv) that this deposit may be applied to any outstanding
amounts owed by applicant to Springdale Water Utilities for water and sewer service provided to
applicant. For meters being used for construction use, the undersigned is fully aware that all
construction on premises covered by this application shall conform to all ordinances, building codes,
rules and regulations adopted by the City of Springdale or Springdale Water Utilities, governing
construction of buildings and structures within the limits of Springdale or its planning jurisdiction.
Springdale Water Utilities shall refund in full a deposit for meters used for construction upon request of
depositor or his authorized representative when the following conditions have been met: 1) compliance
with all City of Springdale regulations, and presentation to the department’s cashier evidence of the City
Building Inspector’s approval of construction; 2) presentation of depositor’s copy of this application; 3)
discontinuance of the temporary water service; and 4) payment of the account in full. Deposit shall be
retained in escrow without interest by Springdale Water Utilities. Springdale Water Utilities shall apply
deposit to any outstanding balance and will return balance of deposit herewith, when service is
discontinued and all rules and regulations have been fully complied with.
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